Looking for the good in the bad

Always look for the good in the bad…that’s what I always tell my kids. “You may not see it today, but one day you will.” I am practicing what I preach these days. I am amazed at what life has thrown to my family since 2008. It feels like a big black cloud that does not go away. I know we are not alone. But it hurts…at many different levels. Everyone feels some level of bad which leads to sacrifice.  All this is good at some level.  My hope is that my kids learn a lesson that will provide a positive outlook on life. The news says the economy is better.  And I do see it.  Homes in my area are selling like hot cakes…some for all cash.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in the area that I have been living for the past 15 years.  Other people, friends and acquaintances, move on with their life and operate seemingly as normal.  I know the friends that know our situation don’t invite us out anymore as we always say no.  Thankfully we have friends that opt to free things like hikes and dinners.  But not so often.  The pressure of no money challenges the mind and I am always double thinking decisions.  If I had money…would I make this same decision or is the money making the decision?  I wonder.  If people suddenly have money do the same thing crazy thinking.  If I didn’t have money would I make the same decision?  Enough about money.  I do have a lot.  Not on the street.  Making ends meet.  Occasionally having Chinese take out.  What more could I ask for?  There is a lot of good.



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