Life is crazy…duh

I don’t know about you, but I am always thinking.  No, this isn’t not a ha ha joke, but really…my mind is spinning thinking about all the things life has to offer.  What’s is for dinner?  I need to send that file.  What was that last item on my grocery list.  What am I going to wear to work?  You know.  Everything.  But then, I have those moments of brilliance or so I am convinced.  That brings me to this post.  The last six years have been…(I want to use the right word)…sucky.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am truly blessed by my wonderful kids and a helpful and supportive husband.  And my health is a 10.  But all the grey from the economic depression…and it was literally that for us in mind, spirit and bank account..has taken its toll.  I am positive.  Leslie Knope positive.  (If you don’t know who Leslie really should).  I will not give up.  But sometimes…I just want to…go to Disneyland.  Or shop without having to look at the price tag and doing the math.  I know what you are thinking…you are doing well child.  Why are you complaining.  Well I am not complaining.  I am venting.  Venting is good.  It cleanses the soul.  And in this forum…I get to share it with the world.  I thank you.  What I want most…is a small vacation.  To laugh, not cook or clean, and enjoy my family.  All the other “stuff” will take its course.  But a nice time with my kids and husband would be nice.  My fantasy of this outing is a fantasy.  Even if Oprah or Ellen swooped in and granted my wish…my teenagers would ruin it with the constant “no”, “I don’t wanna” and  “why”.  But I would take it any way.

Next up…how teenagers are like toddlers, only bigger and not as cute.


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